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d i n n e r w a r e

Our versatile and unique ceramic tableware is stocked in designer stores from Cape Town to Copenhagen, London to Lagos.  Our studio also creates bespoke handmade ceramic ranges for chefs, artists, designers and anyone celebrating a landmark event.

And you’ll find our work in outstanding international galleries, magazines, restaurants, lodges, and hotels: Every piece made for lasting ease, organic beauty, and tactile delight, and no piece the same as another.

Multi-purpose dinnerware that’s striking, sensuous and a pleasure to use, whether the occasion is morning coffee or a grand celebration!

f o o d   s a f e t y
All the products we tested are 100% food safe, contains no lead or cadmium and complies to the required regulations. Please find attached both the test reports for Europe (EN 1388-1 : 1995) and Middle East / USA (ASTM C738-94 (2016).    


k o i  a n d  b l u e  w i l l o w

Koi and deconstructed Blue Willow celebrates and reworks a classic, combining Mervyn's passion for Japanese design with his innovative approach. A signature since 2011, the Koi and Deconstructed Blue Willow dinnerware collection won 2011 the Western Cape Ceramic award for Best Design. 

The Koi Swim Set was included in Rumania’s 2013 CLUJ International Ceramic Biennale.  Koi and Blue Willow displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney Australia and is displayed in the permanent collection of Cape Town’s Iziko Museum at the Castle.

y e l l o w  k o i

This hugely popular range is also recognised for its artistry, and is on display at Cape Town's Iziko Museum.

p r o t e a 

​South Africa’s national flower is associated with courage, daring and transformation, and Protea celebrates this wild authenticity, combining a local icon with a tribute to centuries-old Dutch Delft design.


Launched in 2013, the handmade ceramics in Protea Dinnerware are simultaneously quirky and classic. 

e a r t h  c l a y

All our designs are available in a choice of two finishes: Smooth and Textured. If you're looking for organic tactility,  Earth Clay is for you.